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Scopesonline.com is a family owned business. We live in the state of New York, This beautiful state has many wonderful places to hunt fish or just enjoy nature in its grander. My family and I simply enjoy the outdoors, and take every opportunity and excuse to get as close as possible to nature. I have been a hunter and competition shooter for over 40 years. In my younger days my best friend Joe and I would compete when ever possible at matches in the tri states of New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania... When we were not shooting we would experiment with load data to always improve our accuracy and marksmanship. I also reload all of my ammo, and I still do a lot of testing with different powders and bullets.
When my sons were able to handle firearms safely I would take them small game hunting and target shooting. They quickly became excellent marksmen and also loved hunting. My wife Margarete didn’t have any interest in competition shooting but loves the outdoors, she is a great skier and a great help with the bookkeeping involved in our business.
My love for the sport through the years developed into a passion. My sons and I decided why not start a business dedicated to the hunter and target shooter. Why not give the sportsman, quality products, sell only products we ourselves would use.
Scopesonline.com only carries new products, no seconds or factory demonstration models. Great value, discounted prices, Fast Shipping, No bait and switch gimmicks. We believe people expect and want to receive quality and value for there money.
My philosophy has always been, being truthful and honest; always give quality products and value that will help to enhance the sportsman. I am confident you will be happy with what you purchase, and hope you will benchmark our site for future purchases.
You can always reach us at: scopes@ureach.com
We also would like to take the opportunity to thank the men and women in the arms forces and there families who have sacrificed so much to bring freedom to the Iraq and Afghanistan people and protecting our democratic freedom here in America. God Bless You